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iconredcarpet's Journal

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Icon red carpet
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Welcome to iconredcarpet, an awards community where icons are featured and honored.

  • There will be 18 categories that you can submit an icon for, each category will have its own post.
  • When nominating an icon for a category, please include the makers name. The icon has to have been posted publicly within the last year (July 2013 - July 2014)
  • Please feel free to nominate as many different icons as you wish. Some icons could qualify for multiple categories. Please just don't nominate any of your own icons.
  • Nominations will stay open for five days from the original post

  • Voting will be posted once nominations close. Each category will get its own voting post.
  • Voting polls will be open for five days.
  • Vote for as many icons inside the polls as you want but try not to vote for all of them.

  • Best anime/cartoon/comic
  • Best celeb icon
  • Best complex icon
  • Best icon overall
  • Best icon with blending
  • Best lighting/Dramatic lighting icon
  • Best minimalistic icon
  • Best monotone icon - color
  • Best monotone icon - grey-scale
  • Best movie icon
  • Best muted coloring
  • Best use of stock picture in an icon
  • Best use of text
  • Best vibrant coloring
  • Best vintage coloring
  • Most creative crop
  • Most creative use of textures
  • Most improved maker
    Please feel free to reach out to a mod with any questions you may have here. naginis, poisonfield, marcasite

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